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St. Luke Confirmation Program
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Saint Essay Requirements

Saint Essay Requirements

Saint Essays will be at least 5 paragraphs, and organized as follows:

First Paragraph Introduction
The introduction will be a brief biography of the Saint where and when they were born, stories of their life, major accomplishments, and circumstances of their death whether they were martyred, etc.

Second Paragraph Two Characteristics of your Saint that you admire.
Were they brave, strong, stood up for their beliefs, persevere in the face of danger or threats, serve the poor, prayerful in their everyday lives, etc. Pick two characteristics that you admire, and end your paragraph with the two characteristics.

Third paragraph Give 2-3 examples from your Saints life that illustrate the first characteristic.

Fourth Paragraph Give 2-3 examples from your Saints life that illustrate the second characteristic.

Fifth Paragraph Connect your Saint with your life.
Do you have the same name? Birthdate? What qualities do you admire in your Saint? Why did you pick this particular Saint?

Essay Requirements
Your essay should be printed in 12 pt type, and should be at least one page double spaced. If you do not have a computer, please contact one of the teachers to discuss getting your paper typed.