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St. Luke Confirmation Program
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Confirmation Questions

St. Luke Parish
Confirmation Questions

St. Luke Confirmation Program Questions

Please complete using a computer with word processor; you'll be glad you did.

These questions are about your church and your parish. Some questions can be answered from memory and from attendance at CCD over the years. Information to answer other questions will be a part of instruction in your 9th and 10th grade Confirmation classes. Others will require research. We encourage you and your family to discuss possible answers to other questions. PLEASE do not call Father or the rectory for the answers.

1.Write out the Our Father (neat and correct spelling). Pick one phrase that you think is the most powerful or most important and explain why.

2.Write out the Hail Mary (neat and correct spelling). Pick one phrase that you think is the most powerful or most important and explain why.

3.Attach your write up of the saint that you chose (neat and correct spelling). What day did you read your essay to the class?

4.Write out the 10 Commandments (neat and correct spelling). Pick two of the following commandments and explain how you follow them:
3 , 4 , 8 , 10
4a. What are the two "greatest commandments" that contain the whole law of God? (See Mark 12: 28-31)
4b. In your opinion what is the toughest commandment for a high school student to follow? Why?

5.Attach your service and liturgy records. (Last year and this year)
5a. What types of services did you perform? Which ones will you continue to do after you are confirmed?
5b. What types of liturgy did you participate in? Which ones will you continue after you are confirmed?

6.What is required at St. Luke
to become a reader at Mass?
to be an altar server?
to be an usher?
to bring gifts to the altar?
Which ones can you do before you receive Confirmation?
Which ones can you do after you receive Confirmation?

7.Review at least 5 weekly church bulletins.
What is the weekend Mass schedule at St. Luke?
What is the schedule for weekday Masses?
List at least 3 other liturgical services held during a month.
List 3 different collections to which the parish contributes.

8.When does St Luke celebrate a communal sacrament of reconciliation? How does this differ from the individual celebration of reconciliation? How often should you receive the sacrament of reconciliation?

9.Look through the box of envelopes that each family in the parish is given. List other 'special collections' at St. Luke Parish. When should a member of our parish begin to make contributions to support the church?

10. Collect at least 5 issues of the Vermont Catholic Tribune. Cut out ON THE RECORD by Charlie Martin. (no copies) Which of his columns did you enjoy the most? Why? What record would you suggest he feature? Why?

11.List (neat and correct spelling):
The four cardinal virtues
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
The eight beatitudes
The corporal works of Mercy
The spiritual works of Mercy
The Sacraments

12. When and where were you baptized? What must a parent do to have their child baptized in the Catholic Church? Who are your godparents? What is their role?

13.When and where did you receive your First Communion? What is required to receive Holy Communion worthily? How should you prepare each time you receive Holy Communion?

14.What is the responsibility of your Confirmation sponsor? How does your sponsor show this responsibility? What is required of you for the worthy reception of Confirmation?

15.Terms and phrases to discuss and explain:
Seal of Confession
Gift of Infallibility
Holy Days of Obligation
Virgin Birth and Immaculate Conception
Lent (including fasting and abstinence)

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